Ingredients: Raw Jersey Cow Milk, Beef Tallow, Castor oil, Natural Steric acid, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Australian Yellow Clay, Rosemary essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil. Included in this package: Tallow and Raw Milk Shaving soap approx. 70 grams, comes in a 100ml black twist top tin. Shaving soap bowl and a wood handle shaving brush. Luxurious, Natural Artisan Jersey Milk Soaps made with Organic Raw Jersey Cow Milk and Organic Grass Fed Beef Tallow. These shaving soaps contain a higher amount of Castor oil and Tallow than my other soaps as-well as they contain Natural Steric acid which creates a fantastic lather for shaving and extra moisturizing. These are a multipurpose soap so you can use them for all over body use- Face, Hair, Body and particularly good for shaving. These shaving soaps also contain Rosemary and Cedarwood pure essential oils. All Soaps are handmade, so no 2 soaps are exactly the same. Each bar of Soap is approximately 70 grams each.

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My soaps are 100% Australian made by myself from my farm in Mount Barker, Western Australia.

I use Raw Jersey Cow Milk from my own Jersey Cows, and I make Tallow from my own Steers and locally sourced.

My farm is 100% Organic, and all my cows are Grass Fed only, no steroids or antibiotics used.

Benefits to adding Raw Milk to soap is:

Raw Jersey Cow milk creates a superior moisturizing soap, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth after each use.

Benefits to adding Tallow to soaps is:

Rich in vitamins B12, A, D, K and E.

Contains fatty acids Oleic, Palmitic and Stearic.

Resembles our natural sebum (The oil produced by our skin glands)

Promotes soft, younger looking skin.

Prevents and heals breakouts.

Protects your skin from damage.

It also creates a harder bar that doesn’t go goopy in the shower and offers superior moisturizing benefits.

Benefits of Castor oil in soap is:

Moisturizes the skin by preventing water loss.

Soothing skin inflammation

Accelerating wound healing

Fighting acne and other skin diseases

Cleansing the skin

Lubricating and toning dry skin

Preventing wrinkles

Reducing puffiness

Promoting overall skin health

Detoxing the body and preventing skin problems

Benefits of Clay in soap is:

Clay has been used for centuries for skin problems ranging from dryness and irritation to oiliness or blemishes.

The benefits of clay for skin include:

Drawing out impurities

Soothing irritation

Deeply yet gently cleansing skin of all types and ages

Removing sebum, or oil, from the skin’s surface

Having a calming effect on inflamed breakouts

Helping remove impurities from the skin to treat acne or reduce the risk of pimples and skin infections.